The way to your dream smile

Thanks to the hi tech we guarantee short check outs in the office and fully adjustment for Your convenience.

Clear aligners sets made for Your smile are individual and matching just for You so the treatment is efficient and focused on the goal.

3 months
Enough for you to notice Thats enough to see
the first effects
Invented to change your smile.

Each improvement has been made thinking of You and Your dreamed smile.

Thanks to our aligners there’s already over 4000 happy people who have completed the treatment. Removable, almost invisible, discreetly help you get the effect you've always dreamed of.

How does the Secret Ortho work?
Healthy smile

Maintaining proper oral hygiene while the Secret Ortho treatment is a must we can assure You!

Modern technological solutions

Technological solutions based on the hi tech software and devices guarantee short visits and fully adapt to your comfort convenince.

Perfectly suited just for you

Clear aligners sets made for Your smile are individual and matching just for You so the treatment is efficient and the check ups in the office are being planned as a minimum necessary. You are able to follow the treatment plan yourself just by reaching the next set of aligners as the doctor advised.

Convenience of/in use

Traditional orthodontics may cause the pain. The materials we use and the precision we design Se-cret Ortho with induce the ease of using the aligners. Putting them on and removing is effortless reducing the possibility of discomfort to a minimum.

Secrecy without any restrictions

Secret Ortho aligners are truly invisible. Uncompromising quality, simplicity of use and guarantee of the desired result give you the freedom to live the way you want. No restrictions, enjoying your fa-vorite flavors and all your activities with Secret Ortho on.

Shorter time of the treatment

The undoubted advantage of the Secret Ortho transparent aligners is not only convenience and discretion, but also a shorter time of the whole treatment process compared to traditional orthodon-tics and ranges from three to 12 months maximum.

Start your own Secret Ortho treatment
You know everything before the treatment , no surprises the whole way through.

Just before the treatment starts, you will be well-informed about the upcoming stages of the whole treatment tailored to your needs and expectations. Based on the digital visualization, you'll see all the steps of your changing smile.

Digital precision

Our design has been based on the 3D Shape scanners and 3D prints of your smile. Digitally printed model of your future, healthy smile is determinant for us to create perfectly working and matching sets of aligners just for you the whole way through. Fully digitalized workflow in our laboratory and clinic is consistent with the newest trends of the dentistry in the whole world and the newest solution in Poland.